Syntony Conversations

“Love me like you do, touch me like you do, what are you waiting for?”

Dear Syntony Friends of our Society,

What do we need to learn and what is this Deep Dialogue?





“you are the only one I want to touch, follow me to the dark, you can see the word you brought to life …”

On the edge of paradice..only you can set my heart on fire, every inche of your skin…

I am not thinking straight, I cant see clear anymore..

This is all about life experiences, it is about touching and innovation, of our feelings and deep desires, our thinking that is about Actions ~

Great lyrics of the Movie Fifty shades of Grey ,what is about this #essence, why is this movie “touching” so many women?

“Love me like you do and touch me like you do”,

these lyrics are touching us from the inside because it is about the deep conversations.

The real dialogue. To show and express our deepest calling and listening with every cell in our being what brings meaning to our life

It means:

Syntony = the aligning of the 4 coherence domains

we need to feel this deep passion that is coming from sustainability, in our systems we are surrounded with, it is about the deep personal feelings, and the communities we are interacting with, it is about being part of Society, that is meaning full because we spend time in nature, living a Eco- Systemic and trans personal lifestyle together because we are looking into the Future ~ Being and Becoming Integral Leaders and Innovators.

We are in this time right now, to make a big change is Social Environments.

SYNTONY Conversations means: turning together.

In a #Dialogue we build common ground and confronting each others, assumptions, reveal feeling ~

Taking you with me in this first level, personal sustainability in your system:

Cultivating intuition & Compassion…. how? by exploring & following our deepest calling!

What is your life,s purpose?

What are your talents?

Are you listening with every cell in your being? To what do you feel called contributed?

What brings meaning to your life?

This is #Centering ~

Yoga, writing, music, meditation are ways to explore our deep feelings and taking respons- ability to go deep inside of ourself. Our selves, all the different parts inside of our Self, we need to explore them and bring them into the “team and learn to take this leadership to nurture and to guide them using a narrative and that narrative needs to come from within ~ cropped-531857_391415660942599_1430042421_n1.jpg531857_391415660942599_1430042421_n

Turning Together-

Suspension: internal listening and accepting difference and mutual trust building

Then we start with a real conversation!

That is touching like you do, love me like you do…. the deep feeling that needs to be there first

Dialogue- building common ground and confronting each others assumptions; reveal feeling, that is a metalogue

Thinking/Feeling as a Group, the both of us, that is building shared assumptions culture and when we share these with others we get into a globalizion of our minds and feelings, taking world actions together

So, the 4 practices of Syntony are not about discussions, no advocacy = competitions & conviction = dialetic = examing opposites, a debate, = resolving by logic = beating down!

So Syntony Conversations are a different kind of conversation, a world narrative how we show our different way of connecting and interconnecting with our network sharing this same language of Syntony, using these values and this is important to Design. Design what? Social Systems Designing.

From Teaching Systems to Creating the Conditions for Experiencing & Living Systems.

This is Relational Intelligence.

My job and mission is to offer these different methods that are the new conversations, to offer the workshops and be at all the conferences that are sharing these Dialogues as a method, a way to interact and create new platforms and interactions between organizations, universities and entrepeneurs, and students.

We need a Compass to get into this systemic sustainability and integrate all of this to let us be naturally.

Leadership is about being a natural Innovator and just supporting the self organisational systems so aligning the 4 coherence domains and offering peer to peer learning through the learning communities to promote a spirit of Innovation.


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