Systems being – the evolution of our way to seeing and living in the world

systems thinking a new way of seeing in a transformative learning process that could lead to an expansion of consciousness and the emergence of new ways of being. Stop reductionism and study the components of systems and using quantatative empirical verification. Human science, as a reaction to the use of positivistic methods for studying human phenomena, has embraced more holistic approaches, studying social phenomena through qualitative means to create meaning. Systems feelings and connecting to our emotions and will…I am hosting in the world with this new way of hosting, Humberto Maturana says that emotions are fundamental to what happens in all our doings. Maturana and Bunnel 1999. Love is the only emotion that expands intelligence and creativity and vision; it is the emotion that enables autonomy and responsibility. love as relational behaviors. Only in a context of safety and respect, freedom to be and create, can people be relaxed and find the conditions conducive to engage in higher intelligent behaviours that uses their brain neo-cortex. Learning collaboration and creativity happen when we are able to function from a consciousness capable of including a worldcentric awareness of ” all of us” Ken Wilber. We face this challenge to brdige the gap between our technological intelligence with our socio- cultural and ethical intelligence in order to use our technologies for the greater good, Banathy 1996. This gap or disconnection is well captured in Vaclav Havel,s reflection. Maturana says that an organization can be understood as a network of conversations. There is a flow of information that leads to coordination of actions that produce results and feeds back information to improve the organization. WE live in language and in emotions. systems willing becomes relevant. Transgenerational Dialogues.

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